Nail Salon Insurance Specialist for Ontario.

The beauty business is among the highest risk industries for liability lawsuits. But there aren't that many insurers who offer specialist protection. And some of those that do charge a lot for quite a little.

You can avoid these challenges and secure the best possible protection at the most competitive rates by working with a top-rated insurance broker who knows the nail salon industry inside out and works only with the most reputable, value-driven insurers.

Bethel Insurance Brokers already protects scores of nail salons in Toronto, Ajax and London. And we're regarded by insurers as experts in this sector, especially with our custom program tailored for nail salons.

We know all the risks, the most likely causes and costs of lawsuits, and we have the best deals to protect every aspect of your nail salon business. We can even provide special, low-cost coverage for self-employed and student nail techs.

Bethel Insurance Broker's program is individually built around the specific needs of each salon and individual. That way you get the coverage you truly need and you don't end up paying for protection that doesn't suit you or your budget.

Your Nail Salon Insurance Options

At no cost, our experts will explore and discuss your business and custom create a package drawn from a wide range of nail salon insurance options including:

  • Liability coverage. There are three specific types you need, all of which are
    essential to your business:
  • Professional Liability Insurance - the key to protection for mistakes you make or injuries you cause to a client. This is available both for your business and for specific individuals, such as student.
  • Product Liability Insurance - for when a customer suffers an adverse reaction to a product you used on them.
  • General Liability Insurance - a sort of catch-all to protect you if someone is involved in an accident in your salon or if some aspect of your business results in damage to others' property.
  • Protection against theft from or damage to your property (including rental property), for example by fire or vandalism. This can also protect your clients' personal property.
  • General business coverage to insure you against many business risks including disruption, loss of income, cyber insurance/identify theft, and equipment failure or damage.

The important point to remember is that you don't need to be negligent to face a liability lawsuit. A customer may decide to sue for something as simple as a nail design they're unhappy with.

Or they may blame you for an infection they've suffered.

Even if they don't win the case, you could still be saddled with high legal defense costs, which can be covered in our nail salon insurance program.

Why You Need Bethel Insurance Brokers

As well as being the acknowledged experts in Ontario nail salon insurance, Bethel Insurance Brokers offers a cutting-edge level of service.

We can insure your business within 24 hours and we use the latest technology to stay in touch with our customers. We continue to look for ways to add value to the relationships we have with our clients.

We believe in families and treating others how they would like to be treated. Our core value puts people first with the right protection for your business.
If you have questions or need help with making a claim, we'll be here for you!

Why You Should Act Now

We already know the ins and out of your business and we have the industry contacts that ensure we can deliver the best nail salon insurance.

You don't need to shop around for the best rates. We already know them, Plus, we may be able to secure valuable discounts.

But you need to know that rates and discounts can and do fluctuate, so it's important to get your timing right.

By contacting Bethel Insurance Brokers right now, you've already taken the first, important step to securing the best coverage. Our message is: Don't wait and don't waste time. Get in touch with us today! 905-683-2323

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