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The Top Solution to Your Ontario Driving School Insurance Needs

We deliver the best protection at the most competitive rates.

If you're seeking the best driving school insurance in Ontario, you've found it! How do we know? Read on.

Driving school business insurance is not just something you take "off the peg". To work effectively in protecting you, your customers and your business, it should be tailored to precisely meet your needs.

And to do that properly, you need to be dealing with an expert driving school insurance broker. In Ontario, that means Bethel Insurance Brokers.
Here are three key reasons why:

  1. Our team actually includes a former driving school owner who knows the business inside
    out and is now an expert in Ontario driving school insurance.
  2. We have deep working knowledge of province and municipal regulatory requirements so
    we can ensure you're compliant within the law.
  3. We work with the leading specialist providers of car insurance for driving schools. And
    because we're independent, we can secure the most competitive rates in the market, often with significant discounts that you may not find anywhere else.

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Full Range of Insurance for Driving School Vehicles

We can provide customized driving instructor insurance for a wide range of operations including solo or small businesses and larger, fleet operations.

Your coverage could be as simple as adding a commercial (6D) endorsement or rider to your existing auto insurance policy, or, for bigger establishments, a comprehensive driving school insurance plan.

We also offer protection for specialist driving schools catering for trucks, other commercial vehicles and public transportation carriers.

We can protect every aspect of your business, from driving instructor insurance, through driving school auto insurance, to comprehensive business coverage for buildings, employees and contents.

The Bethel Insurance Brokers Driving School Insurance Program

You'll have the widest range of options for your driving school business insurance, with options including:

  • Comprehensive vehicles insurance including fire, theft, and collision damage to both
    your own cars and third party vehicles. All drivers and passengers are covered.
  • Liability coverage, starting at $2 million, that covers injuries and many potential lawsuits such as claims of negligence, discrimination and harassment.
  • Coverage for students' personal property in your vehicles.
  • Protection for loss of use, such as providing temporary replacement vehicles or compensation for loss of earnings.
  • Buildings and contents insurance where applicable, including protection for cybersecurity.
  • Driving school insurance for classroom teaching.
  • Wide range of additional coverages including employee-related insurance.

We'll also advise on compliance with Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA) requirements, issue certification and offer guidance on risk management.

One more important thing that will help boost your business: when your students have successfully completed their training and passed their test, you'll be able to signpost them to discounts and other savings on their own auto insurance through your contacts with Bethel Insurance Brokers. They'll remember you for that!

More Reasons for Insuring through Bethel Insurance Brokers, Inc.

Now you know why the best driving schools insurance in Ontario comes from Bethel Insurance Brokers, Inc. But there's more.

We use the latest technology to stay in touch with our customers and will continue to look for ways to add value to the relationships we have with our clients.

We believe in families and treating others how they would like to be treated. Our core value puts people first with the right protection for your business.

If you have questions or need help with making a claim, we'll be here for you!

Why You Should Act Now

We already know the ins and out of your business and we have the industry contacts that ensure we can deliver the best driving instructor insurance and the best driving school insurance.

But no one knows better than you how important safety is on our busy roads today. You don't take risks with your students and you shouldn't take risks with getting the right insurance.

We know the business, we know the law, we've done the shopping for best rates and discounts, and we have a solution for you. Contact us right now. 905-683-2323

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