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First of all you need a choice! Bethel Insurance Brokers Inc. is a division of the InsureLine Brokers.

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No need to look much further! We partner with the major insurance carriers that the majority of drivers have their car insurance with. This partnership allows to work with the leading insurers  in Canada. 

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One of the benefits of dealing with an insurance broker is developing a relationship with someone who understands your insurance needs. Don't do it alone. Insurance can be complex, especially if you have an accident. The number one job at Bethel Insurance Brokers is to make sure that you are protected in the event of a claim. Whether it is for your auto, home, life, or business insurance.

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 We are confident we can shop the market for you and get you the very best price protection and service. Get a quote now from one of these top carriers . 

How do you get the cheapest home insurance quote?

Your home is important. Let's make sure that it is properly protected! After all, it is your favorite place to do most things: eat, sleep, work, and entertain. It makes it a very special place in everyone's life who owns a home.

We can help you get coverage at very reasonable rates!

Nothing really moves without insurance. We couldn't close on our property until the home insurance was in place. That makes insurance very important to your family.

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What type of coverage do you need on your home?

As a consumer, you want to make sure if anything should happen to your home, the insurance company rebuilds it and puts it back the exact same way it was before the claim.

 What about your contents, your clothes, your furniture, your stereo, your TV? How are those replaced?

 What about the contents that are in my car or a storage unit? Are they covered?

 What if I can't stay at my home because they have to repair the building?

These are just a few of the many questions that will be answered when you contact our office to get expert information about covering your home.

What information do I need to get a quote?

Personal information: name, address, postal code                         The location

 The square footage                                                                                 The age

 Distance to fire hydrant and fire station                                            Upgrades for heating Plumbing roof and electrical

 Prior claims history                                                                                 Prior Insurance history

This will be a good start to be able to generate a competitive quote.

What does my home insurance cover?

Guaranteed Replacement Cost Coverage

Guaranteed Replacement Cost Coverage

The home insurance covers the building itself, should you come home one day and find that your home has totally been destroyed. We will make sure that the home is completely rebuilt and replaced as it was before.

Additional Living Expenses

Additional Living Expenses

Should you lose the use of your home due to a claim, and you have to stay in a hotel for a few months while they rebuild or repair your home, the insurance company will help with the additional expenses that it costs to stay in a hotel.

Personal Contents

Personal Contents

All your clothes, furniture, stereo, TV, all the stuff that you've collected over the years would also be covered. This is also a special type of coverage called replacement cost, which means that the depreciation is waived, and you get to replace your items at the current cost today.

Off-Premise Coverage 

Off-Premise Coverage 

Not all your content will be in your home. It may also be in your car or in your luggage, should you travel or be on vacation. This coverage worldwide, and it's usually about 10% of your total content coverage.

Private Structures

Private Structures

Anything that you construct privately on your property, such as a pool, shed, outdoor deck, or fencing.

Liability Coverage

Liability Coverage

For example, you have a fire that starts in your home, spreads, and causes damage to your neighbors home. Naturally, he's going to want someone to pay for that damage. The insurance company will cover you if you are found liable, usually up to one or two million dollars, depending on what liability limit you choose.

Insured Perils

Insured Perils

Your home will be covered for fire, lightning, explosion, hail, wind, theft, vandalism, plus many more optional coverages.

How do I get the cheapest quote for my home insurance?

There are many factors that are going to save you money on your home insurance quote. Let's touch on several of them.

1. Go with a higher deductible

1. Go with a higher deductible

Many homes are covered for $500,000 for the building, on average, $350,000 for the contents, $100,000 for private structures on the property, plus 1 million dollars in liability. That's a lot of money. It would be prudent to check with your broker and get his advice before making a small claim that could affect your insurance rate for years to come.

2. Purchase insurance in bulk

Bundling your car and home insurance together will give you a significant discount on each (up to 15%). This will save you money immediately as well as long term. It also makes it easier when you only have to deal with one office for your auto, home, business, and life insurance.

3. Install a home security device that is monitored

This will save you 5% on average with most insurance companies. This 5% will be there for the life of your insurance policy, so, in the long-term, it can be significant.

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4. Water damage prevention

Water damage is the number one cause of claims on most property insurance policies. Whatever steps you take to mitigate claims due to water damage, it will help make your property a desirable risk for insurance companies. This may lead to further discounts, should you install something such as a backup water valve that helps prevent sewer backup claims.

5. Maintain good credit

Studies have shown that there is a correlation between good credit and lower claims. Many insurance companies will offer significant discounts on your home insurance when they provide a soft hit credit inquiry that's commented favorably. However, should it come back unfavorable, insurance companies are not allowed to increase your rates due to negative credit history.

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6. Home maintenance

As the roof ages, make sure it is maintained or replaced. As the furnace gets older, make sure it is properly maintained or replaced. The same with your pipes for water, your electrical remains, or surpasses electrical building code. This will help when it comes time for resale, especially when information is being collected to get the most competitive home insurance quote.

7. Keep a low risk home

Adding personal toys to your home will definitely increase the risk. Swimming pools can lead to slip, falls, and other incidents. Trampolines have led to sprains and broken bones. Hot tubs, as well as operating certain businesses from your home, may lead to a surcharge on your home policy due to the increased risk.

8. Maintain a claims free status

This is important as whenever you make an inquiry or a claim to the insurance company, it will be noted on your file and could result in the loss of your claim's free status, even though you may not follow through with the claim. If you are unsure if you should make a claim, then it would be wise to contact your broker and explain the situation and circumstances to get their advice.

Optional coverages you should consider

Client Centered

 Guaranteed replacement cost coverage on the building

Once the proper information is collected and entered into the rating platform, there will be a coverage amount that is generated. It will determine what it will cost to rebuild the property in its entirety, should the home be destroyed.

The insurance company guarantees it will replace the home, even if it cost more then the building coverage amount.

For example, for the insurance company it's going to cost $500,000 to build this home. However, the actual amount comes out at $575,000. The insurance company guarantees that the home will be rebuilt.

 Sewer backup coverage

As the infrastructure ages, there are more and more claims in this area. This is an optional coverage, but it's highly recommended to be on your policy. This will help to pay for claims, should there be a backup somewhere in the sewage system. And if it does not have a free flow, just like a toilet, it will backup and come to basement.

 Overland water coverage

This one is a new coverage on the block. It is designed to help pay for damage caused by water that may come in from the outside through your basement window or even your front door.

 Service line coverage

Property owners are usually responsible for costs to repair and replace service lines located on their property. It often costs significantly with excavation and replacement of damaged outdoor property such as trees, plants, and sidewalks. In order to get access to the service line that is damaged or ruptured, this coverage will help pay for those costs.

 Personal cyber protection

Times have certainly changed, and your home may need to be protected against cyber attack, cyber extortion, online fraud, and data breaches. Computers devices and smart appliances can create access for cyber attackers to infiltrate your data in order to steal information, extort money, and commit fraud.

 Home equipment breakdown

Home equipment breakdown will cover the systems and equipment that the average homeowner depends on to provide heating and cooling, hot water, electricity communications, and even backup power.

Coverage is provided for central air conditioning, electrical service panels, boilers, furnaces, heat pumps, chair lifts, elevators, solar panels, wind panels, as well as kitchen and laundry appliances, home entertainment equipment, computers, wireless devices, mobile, medical equipment, and even portable generators.

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You may think you want the cheapest insurance you can find. However, you may not be getting everything you need in your insurance policy to be properly protected!

While most insurance products are similar in price and function, insurance providers are very different when it comes to structuring a policy that actually covers you.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all insurance policy when it comes to your car insurance.

We are your neighbors. Our brokers live and work in the communities we serve. We insure people we know and care about, and that means we will always look for ways to protect you better, including carefully choosing the insurance companies we represent to be both affordable and responsive.

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