High Risk Car Insurance in Ontario

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Even the best drivers have bad luck on the road, but that shouldn't be the end of your driving privilege. 

So you've now been branded as a high-risk auto insurance driver. It's not the end of the world. Bethel Insurance Brokers can help you stay on the road without you having to empty your banking account. 

We partner with high risk insurance companies in Ontario, and we will help you save money as we can shop the market for you for the most competitive rates!

If you have too many tickets, do you need high risk car insurance?

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 If you have had an at-fault accident(s), you are into the high-risk insurance market.  

 Tickets! Accidents! Suspensions! Impaired driving! Non-payment! These are insurance premium killers. They will help you to part with your hard-earned money. 

Our job is to give you the proper advice to help you to get back into the preferred market, so you can save your money and get out of the high-risk Auto Insurance category. 

We say the high risk is not a big deal!

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Ontario Car Insurance Coverage

Client Centered

Ontario Car Insurance Policies Cover

 Third party liability

 Medical and Rehabilitation

 Cost to repair or replace your vehicle

Auto Insurance should be unique to each driver and not just based on the cheapest price. 

Get a car insurance policy that is a tailored to your driving needs.


 There are mandatory coverages

 Optional coverages

 And enhanced coverages, so that your policy will respond to your needs in the event of a claim

Third Party Liability

The first party is you. The second party is the insurance company, and the third party is the outside person.

$200,000 in third party liability is the minimum coverage you must have in order to drive a vehicle in Ontario. You would be hard-pressed to find this as most brokers would start with a minimum of 1 million of third party liability coverage. This is to protect you as well as the brokerage business as most lawsuits usually start at 1 million.

Accident Benefits 

This is where the majority of your car insurance premium goes. Drivers are entitled to medical benefits and expenses should you get hurt in a motor vehicle accident or, even worse, like losing your life.

Medical Payments

There are medical payments for injuries that are considered non-catastrophic. You have up to $65,000 as the standard coverage for non-catastrophic injuries, which can be increased up to $130,000. It may also go up to 1 million for catastrophic injuries.

Funeral Expenses 

There are also funeral expenses for up to $6,000 and optional for $8,000.

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Death benefits will pay up to $25,000 to your spouse and up to $10,000 to your dependents. The amount can be doubled under both benefits if you choose the increased option. 

Income Replacement 

There is income replacement standard coverage, which is $400 per week, or you can purchase various options for $600, $800, and $1,000 to better reflect your actual income. 

Direct Compensation Property Damage

Someone rear-ends you at a stoplight, and the accident is not your fault. The funds to pay for your car will come from the section.

‎Uninsured motorist

This is painful as there are some drivers who will drive without insurance. Where do the funds come from when someone out there has an accident, and they do not have insurance?

 A small part of your insurance premium goes into this pool. It is not a pretty sight for those who get caught driving without insurance. They will end up with a lawsuit against them for the money paid out on their behalf.


Don't Forget To Get Proper Coverage 



 Accident forgiveness coverage

This coverage is almost mandatory if you qualify by having at least six to eight years without an at-fault accident. There will be forgiveness for the first at-fault accident, meaning that you won't get a significant rate increase. This coverage should be taken if it is available.

 Conviction free protection

Since you obey the speed limit, you should be rewarded. Not only will you get a discount when you are conviction-free, but this also allows you to buy protection, so you can maintain and enjoy the discounts you receive for having a non-moving violation ticket on your record within the last 3 years.

Should you get one or two tickets for three years? Your rate will not increase due to the moving violation ticket. This can be significant as it could save you well over $500 per year of increased premium if you don’t have this coverage.

 Depreciation waiver

Just got a new car? Congratulations! Now drive off a lot, and, unfortunately, your car now just depreciated by 10% to 15%. This means if the vehicle is stolen or destroyed, you will not get back the full value, and there may be a shortfall that would have to be paid back to your lending institution. This endorsement will cover the shortfall, which could be huge.

This protection will last on your new car from 24 to 48 months, depending on the insurance company.



 Collision coverage

This coverage will protect your car should you have an accident. It also covers hit-and-run accidents or claims made against you while driving. You will likely have to pay your deductible, and the insurance company will pay the rest.

 Comprehensive coverage

This coverage is sometimes called fire and theft coverage. It covers vandalism, falling objects, theft, fire, and hail damage.

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