Why Teenage young drivers will make you question everything

| August 29, 2016

Your Teenager Is Now Driving!

OH -OH that's the first thought that comes to parents mind once he realizes that his son or daughter has now reached that age of 16 It seems like a “right of passage” from childhood into becoming an adult. Your little boy or girl turns 16 and MUST have a car because everyone in school has one. So the big day has come and your son or daughter has decided they would like to get a car they would like to get a license. Now don't worry don't fret that gnawing feeling you have in your stomach is only normal if you're a parent. It's probably the same uneasy feeling you gave your own parents when you are ready to ask for the keys. This is also a good time to give your broker or insurance professional a call and seek advice. These are questions that we handle on a daily basis.

Number one: you want to make sure that they get proper training and the proper education.

This should not be left up to the father or the mother training their son or daughter how to drive Sunday afternoon at the empty grocery parking lot. I truly believe this should be left to the experts at a company like young drivers of Canada or your local driving school. These schools are loaded with facts that simply drive the importance and the privilege that it is to have a license to drive a motor vehicle.

The simple fact that car accidents amongst young people is the leading cause of death than all the diseases combined.

So you think of the sickness or disease that kills young people and add them all together and it will be less than car accidents on the road. So this is something that can't be left to the Sunday afternoon at the empty parking lot.

Taking the course and having the drivers training certificate will entitle your teen to have a three-year driving credit even though they may have their license for only one day. This is a significant savings especially if they will have their own vehicle. The saving is typically at least $1000. This credit is recognized by the insurance companies as the auctioneer is a proven over and over that those who are educated and driving have less accidents than those who are not.

Now let me warning about a natural temptation that happens to parents when your son or daughter is of driving age. Many people have a fear of what the increased cost will be so they seek to hide their children or not declared. This is a big no-no. Should your child be involved in an accident and they are not listed on your policy this could lead to many complications and problems with the insurance company for nondisclosure.

Many parents actually use this as a teaching tool to help a young man or woman learn responsibility. Should they have a part-time job that pays even a minimal amount. The young driver should be able to afford to pay that $70 or $80 per month to help ease the burden on the family.

Having a young driver doesn't have to make you wish you could keep the kid without the problems.

This means are also closer to leaving the nest. This means that you be able to send them on errands that you would normally have to do. This means they can also taxi you around as opposed to the way it's been for the last 16 years. So there are more positives to having and responsible young driver who is now able to help. Give Bethel Insurance Brokers a call at 1-905-683-2323 we are able to walk you through this exciting time especially for your young driver. Don't forget to ask about discounts for students who have good marks in their school or college. If they attend college out of town find out the distance from your home to that college as it would also be entitled to discounts based on the distance away from your home.

So in the end when you see a young driver on the road hopefully won't question the reason for having kids. You should embrace them because indeed they are the future. If we as parents teach them well then the future will be in good hands.

Give Bethel Insurance Brokers a call when you have a moment and will walk your right through it.

Make today a great day!