Why it pays to keep your eggs in one basket when it comes to Insurance. Then watch those eggs

| May 14, 2015

Don't Break Up Those Eggs That Are Bundled Together!

After one of the worst catastrophic events in North America in recent years. The insurance industry, especially with all home insurance minded companies. They found themselves in a dilemma trying to come up with the right price for product that was severely underpriced.

Home rates have increased 20 to 30%

and there may be no end in sight. Well the culprit is not bad clients but rather it is none other than that loving mother nature. We continually see places that are hot getting hotter and places that are wet getting wetter in the GTA Toronto area has at least 20 more days of rainfall than there was in the past. So what can the consumer do to combat rising the home insurance rates. Sometimes it's funny with the way how cars are now so much more safer that the

actual premium is sometimes less for car insurance than it is for home insurance. The consumer can benefit from bundling their policies by saving money and insurers benefit from offering this option by enjoying better customer retention rates. Not only do you normally save 10 to 15% off of the adjoining policy line with the peace of mind of only having to call out one agent for your home your auto your umbrella or even your life insurance will make your life much easier and much more streamlined.

Do this and save money now!

  • Combining home and auto insurance will generally save between 10 and 15% depending on the company.
  • You will have less paperwork to deal with as both policies will be on declaration page.
  • Monthly withdrawals can be combined and generate only one withdrawal.
  • One good broker to correspond with will give you a greater peace of mind.
  • The consumer, broker and insurance company all enjoy a higher retention rate.

So once you find an Insurance broker that has the heart of the teacher who puts people first ahead of personal gain then you have found someone who you can grow your business with will be there to help you should any disaster or tragedy befall your family or your personal possessions. When it comes to claims the adjuster will have a look at other policies that you may have enforce the company. The underwriter will also have a look at other policies you have in force with the company just to verify that your the type of client that they would want to keep on their books. So having multiple policies with one insurance company one broker will work to your advantage more times than not.

Customers who insured with companies that did not offer multiple coverage options did not say that they were certain about renewing their coverage. Most customers that have insurers with added benefits when surveyed answered that they would definitely renew their policies. Offering the option to bundle auto and home policies together is a significant advantage to the consumer as a usual end up with only one withdrawal and one declaration page to read concerning your home and auto insurance. It's interesting to note that consumers that have three policies are more with one insurance company tend to have a 95% retention rate.

Overall combining your home and auto insurance together is something that sure and the customer can benefit from if you're interested in finding out more about this type of bill insurance that will save you money don't hesitate to contact a good broker and better yet contact us at Bethel insurance brokers 905-683-2323