Why Don't thieves take a break at Christmas?

| December 13, 2016

An unfortunate thing happened the other day. An associate of went to a doctor's appointment. He was a little bit frazzled as he was in a rush. That does what on the seat of his vehicle. For some reason decided to throw a blanket over which left a noticeable bulge. After spending at least one and a half at the doctors appointment. He came out to find that is the had been broken into. Driver's-side window had been smashed, and wallet had been stolen. Needless to say he was fit to be tied. There wasn't much to be said that would calm him down. Once we found out that there were several hundred dollars in the wallet, now understand why he was in such stress.

So the reason for my title. Why don't thieves take a break Christmas

This is a time of good cheer, happiness, peace and goodwill towards all men. Unfortunately the statistics show that this is kind of you and break actually increase. Reasons are obvious, many houses filled with late-model gadgets and toys. Cars in the mall are filled with new items mostly with the price tags still on. They remain a high target area and all items should be placed in the trunk out of sight.

As an insurance broker, we want to help our clients to live safer lives. So thieves don't take holidays as a matter of fact they seem to look forward to them.

Just a few tips to protect yourself. This one is funny because it actually does happen. Don't believe a descriptive message on your answering machine what you're going to be doing for the next two weeks. For example "Hi sorry I missed your call, our daughter is getting married in Jamaica and we won't be back until one week from Sunday."

Christmas thieves also love to drive around on Boxing Day to see who got the most goodies. so be careful not to display some of those high tech electronics that were gifted Christmas.

The hidden key is a favorite for would-be thieves. Under the flowerpot under the doormat are some of the usual places that someone may leave a spare key. These are some of the places that thieves would look.

Is your family name all over the place? I can now check 411 to get your phone number and give you a call to see if you are home.

Do you leave a door unlocked for easy access? Side windows are checked, basement windows are checked to make sure that there is no easy access to your home.

No matter what we may do we may still fall victims petty and career criminals. These few tips will help you to live a happier and safer life.

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