We all need leaders! is anyone out there?

| May 12, 2015

We all know the whole world is looking for peace.

If anyone can find that elusive quality he can command and demand whatever he needs. Before we can find peace we must also find great leaders.

There are few kinds of success that don't require great leadership. A very few. Believe it or not all, of us were born leaders. This is why most of us get our backup when someone tries to tell us what to do. Now unless you are convinced that you will never need to display leadership miss no opportunity to develop it.

Now what is true leadership?

It is the ability to be the greatest server and you serve others who are following you because they believe you possess superior knowledge of the situation a sometimes greater wisdom of the unknown. Greater mental and moral fortitude which is sometimes gained by just having more experience than the people who follow you.

Superior knowledge of a specific situation you involved with can only be acquired with hands-on experience. Wisdom which is the application of knowledge also only comes from study and it being tested by experience. Moral force can also be learned as a springs from an inner commitment to greatness than all of us can make. True leaders are always willing to do whatever it takes to be successful and they're willing to get their hands dirty with those in the field were actually doing the physical labor.

A great story that you may have heard in the past about Alexander the Great he had led a forced march across a hot and desolate desert after about 11 days all the soldiers still with him were near death from thirst however, Alexander pressed on. One day two sentries who he had sent out to survey the land brought him a little water they had been able to find. It barely filled the bottom of the helmet. While their throats were burning from thirst, Alexander's men stood back and watched him with envy, however, Alexander didn't hesitate. He turned the helmet over and poured the water on the hot sand at his feet then he said"It is a no use for one to drink when many thirst" they desperately needed water, lots of it. When Alexander had but a few drops he gave them the only thing he did have and that was inspiration.

Now that's leadership.