If you read one article on How to prevent Identity Thefts on vacation, read this one

| August 12, 2015

Protect your vacation memories with these tips.

Hey who doesn't like to go on vacation. It makes working much more fun especially when you can look forward to much-needed relaxing vacation away from work. Sometimes we all need to escape from family friends and the stress of the everyday living in North America. We all become a little more cool when the sunglasses go on, little more hip when were on vacation. This gives us a chance to let our guard down which makes us more susceptible to having our identity stolen.

There are some practical steps that we can use to avoid being a victim of identity theft.

Let your credit card company know your travel plans, how long you're going to be away and where you're going. That way they can monitor the account and have their fraud alert system on notice if any fraud is suspect. Be particular when using an ATM machine. Use machines that are behind the doors of the bank. What if your card gets stuck after you've entered your pin number. Call right away to the card issuer and have it canceled immediately.

Use only one credit card this would be easier to track.

This is good risk management as it reduces the chance of being lost or fallen into the hands of a thief. If you must carry a laptop while you're on vacation and I must confess that I do, use encryption program on your laptop. This will prevent prying eyes from accessing your personal data. This also calls for your cell phone or any other device that will carry your personal information.

If you must carry your wallet our passports and don't have it locked in the hotel safe. Men should placed her wallet in the front as it is much easier for pickpocket to steal your wallet from your back pocket. Women should always carry their purse diagonally across her chest with a hand on your bag at all times. Is not a bad idea to have copies of your personal information locked in a safe. if for some reason you may lose your passport or your wallet your license or some other form of ID at the beach or in a restaurant or an excursion.

Travellers cheques have become like a dinosaur, however if you don't like to carry cash or credit cards they can still be useful. If they are lost or stolen they can still be replaced free of charge.

Like most people, I love the vacations. I think my wife likes them even more she always says can I take that vacation guide home with me not the stressed-out workaholic in a rush guy who lives with me. Use some of these tips and precautions, so you vacation time becomes the great memory that it was meant to be Aloha.

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