How to Survive a Canadian Blizzard

| January 16, 2017

A fresh snowfall in Canada is awesome!

There's nothing like that powder when it fills the sky and you see nothing but snowflakes all around.

That can change suddenly when you have to get inside a car

That beauty can change to treachery or loss of confidence, whether you have been driving for several years or just recently obtained your license. It's prudent to take some practical precautions before, during, and after each winter drive so you arrive at your destination safely.

Here are some steps you should take before you brave the snow

  1. Make sure you shovel that driveway
  2. Use the remote starter if you have one, otherwise start your vehicle and turn the front and rear defrosters on high
  3. Don't be lazy when cleaning the car. Don't just clean the windows and think that it's neat to see the snow blowing off the vehicle. This can be dangerous, as it may reduce your own visibility and be a potential hazard to other drivers.
  4. Another pet peeve I have is letting the snow buildup on the windscreen. The windshield wipers don't get to function properly. So don't just use the wipers to clean the windscreen before starting to use your scraper.
  5. Do you have a winter driving kit in your car in case of an emergency? Extra windshield washer fluid, jumper cables, extra blankets, etc.? These things are important to keep in the car, especially in bad weather.
  6. Driving in Canada without winter tires is dangerous. Make sure you change over to your winter tires before the snowy and icy weather hits. It can also save you some money on your car insurance.

More Accidents in the Summer than in the Winter?

As an insurance broker with Bethel Insurance Brokers, one of the things that surprised me over the years was that there are sometimes more accidents in July and August than there are in January and February. The rationale is most drivers are extremely cautious in slippery and wet conditions. However, in the beautiful sunshine and warmth of summer, drivers let their guard down and seem to take more chances.

What can you do to reduce your chance of accidents in the winter months?

  1. In bad weather, slow and steady wins the race. Don't try to keep up with that 4 x 4 pickup truck. Just follow his tracks as he clears the path for you.
  2. Always leave yourself at a proper distance to be able to stop safely in slippery conditions. When you anticipate, you may actually start to break early.

So you've made it safely to your destination. Now what?

Please remember to turn off the wipers and lift them up. Damage can occur if they are frozen to the windscreen or under a heavy snowfall. I used to think those cars with the wiper blades stuck in the air looked a little funny. I now know those owners are using wisdom.

Make sure you're protected!

Want to learn how your car insurance can help warm you up in the event of an icy winter driving mishap? Reach out to your licensed insurance broker at Bethel Insurance Brokers to find out. Call us today for a competitive quote 905-683-2323.