Hey! you need to get organized. Try this simple technique that works.

| February 13, 2017
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Over the years of trying to run our business successfully.I discovered one of my biggest hindrances was my lack of organization. So the question always comes up, how can I manage my time more effectively?

I remember an idea I got 20 years of from a motivational speaker is something that has been probably passed down the line maybe a few generations now. It was simply this. Focus on the six important thing to do daily. You’d be surprised at how simple this is yet extremely effective. so every morning I write down the six most important things that I have to do that day. I can promise you this, if you begin to follow this tiny but powerful concept, you’ll be amazed at how productive life becomes. Don’t make it complicated. You may use the calendar in your smartphone as a matter fact all I use is a blank piece of paper. Before the day begins I write down 6 most important things that I need to get done today

What does this exercise do, well it's not really an exercise the system will work as well as you make it work. It also makes you think and focuses your mind on the here and now. This simple method puts a roadblock to those time wasters and distractors that keep you from forging ahead. When they show up numerous times throughout the day. This simple method will allow you to get back on track and stay focused so that you have a productive day.

Write down as many things is you can think of to put on your list. What should you have done yesterday that you need to get done today . Like most of us you will find a lot more than six things. Keep the list at six.

You need to rank those items. if you're like me you probably want to do easiest ones first. save those for last. what about unpleasant things, do those first. I find I'm more alert having my full brain power deal with negative situations will probably give me the best odds success. life can sometimes just be priorities if you handle the priorities right away and the ship will have a smooth sail.

What happens at the end of the day you realize that you've only done three of the items on your list? Those three items now take priority on your next day's list. You still need to rank your list as your son or daughter may be having a birthday that day and that now gets top ranking.

Some people, keep two lists, one for business one for personal. You want more from life you need to achieve more that means putting priorities on everything you do. You've heard this before, give me 21 days that's what's needed to create a new habit. Three weeks. Decide on and writing down the 6 most important things you need to accomplish and watch your life become organized. Don't be one of those say that was a great idea, sounds fantastic and go home and forget all about it. Take that piece of paper and get started now.

Managing an organization like Bethel insurance brokers from one person to 35 team members 5 years means you need to get organized fast. This was not a choice but it was a necessity for me.

We build leaders at Bethel Insurance. People who are successful in their profession be sure to give us a call at 905 683 2323 two get a quote on your commercial insurance as well as your auto or home insurance.

Stay Organized

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