Here's What You Need to Know about Car Thefts

| January 29, 2018

Vehicles get stolen across Canada all the time

Have you ever thought about what the true cost is to the Canadian economy?

Many people believe that’s not their concern. That the insurance companies pay when a vehicle gets stolen and it's not a big deal because the insurance companies make enough money anyway.

However, it is really a social sickness!

Insurance companies pay more than $500 million a year to replace or to fix stolen vehicles.

Then there’s the cost of police man-hours to recover these vehicles and arrest the perpetrators.

And, there are the people who get hurt trying to prevent the vehicle theft, so you have a healthcare cost.

And naturally when the criminals are caught you have court system costs as well is a place to now house the perpetrators.

I’m talking about this because one of my associates had his 2016 Honda CRV stolen in the middle of the night a few days ago directly from his driveway. In this video we've caught on camera, you can actually see the theft taking place with a clean getaway.

One of the biggest questions we get asked about car theft is:

Why would someone want to steal my car anyway?

There can be no rhyme or reason when someone wants to commit a crime, but there are a few obvious ones that come to mind right away.

1. To commit another crime

These are typically inconspicuous vehicles that not many people would notice - usually older cars. If someone is planning a robbery of some kind they don’t want to use a bright red flashy Lamborghini that is easily remembered.

These vehicles are usually recovered within a few days. Usually abandon someplace as the thieves definitely don’t want to be caught driving the vehicle.

2. Joyriding

This is something that used to hear about in the 60s and the 70s maybe even the 80s. Kids today can get enough thrills with virtual video games that don’t come with a criminal record. So this statistic has dropped.

3. Resale for Profit

Some stolen vehicles are then resold back into the marketplace. The vehicle can be given a false VIN number. Sometimes is just taken apart and then sold piece by piece.

By far the most profitable is when the vehicle is stolen and then shipped overseas, mainly to Africa. I have heard that the vehicles can be sold to warlords and others of that type at the original price. For this reason, many pickup trucks, especially Fords, are on the list of some of the most stolen vehicles.

What works best to prevent a vehicle from being stolen?

In my opinion, when you have a physical anti-theft device, it seems to deter thieves and prevent vehicle thefts.

A steering wheel lock device, or an ignition lock device that prevents your vehicle from being hot wired can also be helpful. We note that thieves are looking for the path of least resistance. This encourages them to move on.

High-tech GPS technology can help pinpoint a stolen vehicle and also relayed the information to the proper authorities. Some may be able to block your car’s ignition and even bring the vehicle to a safe stop.

If you have any questions about how a vehicle theft affects your auto policy, or just want more general information, give us a call at Bethel Insurance Brokers 905-683-2323.

By the way, if you recognize the culprit in this video please let us know. Our team member would love to have his car back!