Travelling? Here's 10 things you should know for a safe trip!

| March 02, 2018

Traveling is fun!

It's something that we all seem to like to do if we are able. Personally, I have firsthand knowledge of how popular travel is. Should you find yourself on the beautiful beaches of Punta Cana or Cancun, especially in the winter months you would conclude that the travel industry must be doing very well. The beaches are packed!

Usually, I travel with my wife, but this past week, I traveled alone to a hotel in the London, ON area. I’m embarrassed at the level of anxiety I felt just making sure that I was safe, secure, and out of harm's way.

In today's world we all have to be more proactive to keep ourselves and the people around us safe. So what can you do to keep yourself and your belongings safe while you travel?

Here are my 10 tips for safe travelling


1. Report any suspicious activity to the hotel management

If you see something that doesn't seem right, make sure management knows.

2. Be cautious with your room keys

Don’t leave them where someone could pick them up such as tables in the restaurant or the swimming pool

3 Don't draw attention to yourself

Sometimes when we are in big, busy places, like Las Vegas, many of us might become showy or even a bit pompous; however, there’s no need for that, especially in a small town. Don’t draw attention to yourself by displaying large amounts of cash or expensive jewelry.

4. Don’t answer the door without verifying

This is particularly important if you're traveling alone. If they identify themselves as employees, but you weren't expecting anyone, call the front desk and verify. Find out why they need access and for what purpose.

5. Come through the front entrance

If you go out to pick up a pizza or do some shopping, use the front entrance when you returning back to your hotel. It's most important to do this when it's dark. The front is well lit and usually occupied by other guests. The back or side entrance may not be the wisest one to use, even if it offers more convenience.

6. Pull doors shut securely and make sure they're locked

Some hotel doors don't close properly unless they are pulled shut. Make sure you know what you have to do to close and lock your door at the beginning of your stay so you feel safe and secure in your room at all times.

7. Lock exterior doors

I'm talking about balcony doors and doors to adjoining rooms. Make sure these are locked to avoid any unwanted visitors.

8. Don't invite strangers into your room

This one is a no-brainer, and most hotel lobbies have signs prohibiting this kind of activity.

9. Don't leave valuables in your vehicle

A lot of the time, you have to park your vehicle on the hotel grounds or in an underground parking lot. Locals can usually guess you’ve rented a hotel room and come the nighttime, thieves have several hours to break into your car and steal your valuables. So it is important not to leave anything of value in your vehicle.

10. Use the hotel safety deposit box or safe

Now even if you have done everything correctly in regards to your safety, it is still very important to put all your valuables such as cash, cell phones, and passports in the hotel safety deposit box or the safe while you're not using them. These are usually provided in your room. Using these will eliminate temptation from hotel employees who are entitled to be in your room, like housekeeping.

It's all about reducing anxiety!

Some of these tips will help you just to reduce the anxiety especially when you are traveling alone! If you have any questions about safe travelling, or if you would like more information about how we can help you live a more secure life, give us a call at Bethel Insurance Brokers, 905-683-2323. We would be happy to help you!