Help I've had a car accident! what do I do now?

| February 01, 2016

Oh-Oh you had a car accident! you got a be kidding me. Why now, I've been so careful. I always check my mirrors. I even shoulder check. Who shoulder checks anymore?. Anyway here I am having a traumatic car accident. I better call my broker. Boy oh boy here go my car insurance rates.

Car accidents are always dramatic for any driver even if the damages are relatively minor and both parties are uninjured. You may find yourself panicking over what to do next.  There are some important steps to take following any crash no matter how severe. Since car accidents always involve another party, which is the insurance company. both drivers need to collect the necessary information.

1. The most important thing of course is to stay calm. Don't let emotions get out of control and become a potential road rage situation. The blame game will only lead to tempers rising. This all to make things harder to take care of things that need to get done.

2. After remaining in control naturally the human instinct will take over as both parties want to make sure that their passengers are okay and unharmed. If the accident isn't as serious and there are no injuries to the parties involved. It may be possible to move the vehicles as far off the road as possible. It is extremely important that you remain at the scene of the accident and if the driver or one of the passengers can wave oncoming traffic to other lanes or worn traffic with hazard lights and flares if this is possible to ease the traffic flow that it should be done.

3. We need to alert the appropriate authorities by calling 911 right away. if the cell phone is damaged during the accident you may have to flag down a passing car and asked them to call on your behalf.

4.The driver or the owner the policy must contact the insurance company regardless of whether they are at fault or not. If you have a good broker you may want to talk to him first just to seek advice before you call the insurance company in regards to your claim. Your broker can also call in and ask a hypothetical question in regards to your situation without mentioning names. Your broker probably be able to get a very good idea as to whether the accident will be considered at fault or not at fault which could affect your premiums going forward. The sooner the insurance company knows the sooner they can start working to repair your vehicle. Both drivers are parties should call their personal insurance companies to report the accident whether you are at fault or not.

5. You may have heard in the past and is still true today that a driver must not admit fault anyone this is for legal reasons. All those who are involved in the motor vehicle accident should only talk to their insurance companies broker or the police in regards to the accident.

6. You should make sure that you collect all information from all witnesses, while it is still fresh in their mind. Cell phones having cameras, it is easy to collect information and take pictures which could be used to help settle the claim. Write down the other person's driver's license number and name an insurance company policy number or better yet take a picture on your cell phone.

Hopefully these steps will help you should you have a motor vehicle accident. This can help a traumatic situation run somewhat smoother and you can be back on the road enjoying your vehicle in a short period of time.

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