He did what? 8 secrets about wedding insurance you need to know now.

| July 07, 2015

Nothing will go wrong with the perfect wedding right...

After all I found the perfect mate. It's eighty degrees outside and sunny on the wedding day. Even uncle Joe who was always notoriously late will be early on that perfect day.

Everyone wants a trouble free wedding. Unfortunately there are many cases every year where disasters happen. This can really get out of hand if there is not adequate wedding insurance in place. This type of coverage protects couples financially and also covers there wedding arrangements against things such as bad weather. This is a low-cost type of coverage that fits into most couples budget the policies can be as little as $125.

If you are a couple that is planning an expensive wedding this is a must-have coverage.

What you gain and having a piece of mind on such an important day is priceless. The decision to buy wedding insurance it's a personal choice as you know in Canada the average cost of weddings can be up to $25,000. Some will spend less some will spend more. When you look at the total cost of the wedding bill compared to the coverage this will help you to make the decision if this type of insurance is for you. Couples planning large outdoor wedding receptions that are catered will benefit from this coverage.

If your wedding is somewhere between lavish and simple they are our insurance policies that can be tailored to fit your exact needs.

As a consumer it's important to understand what coverage's your buying from your local broker. Some typical components of a wedding policy will include inclement weather. If the rain is coming down with no end in sight and that special day has to be postponed. There are policy coverage's for expenses for rescheduling. What happens if the minister doesn't show up. How much would it cost to rebook or reschedule all the parties involved. Injuries or sickness can appear at any time. Now were not talking about cold feet because that's not covered. Important members of the wedding party may become ill and there costs involved in postponing the event. If this happens the extra expenses involved in postponing are covered. What about missing vendors such as a photographer, florist or celebrant or other religious official.

Yes you can get that covered as well?

There is also coverage for members of the wedding party who may become ill or cause the wedding to be delayed. In addition to these main features there are many writers it can also be purchased. If your bride or groom or key person is active in the military. This is also covered and ensures a cost of postponing the event to a later date is covered. What about the venue you given your hard-earned deposit to what if they go out of business. If you're having the wedding or the reception in an apartment or home policy may not cover theft or damage of gifts so you need a gift rider. The dream honeymoon also has a rider for honeymoon cancellations. Now a word of warning as insurance companies will not cover something that was known to the policyholder before the policy was actually taken out. Need advice on this or any particular type of insurance. here is a good number to call. 905 683 2323 and speak to one of our representatives.