Bethel Insurance Brokers walks the talk by giving back

| November 15, 2016


A couple years ago on a trip to Jamaica. I went to visit my father and the town where he grew up.

It was very interesting due to the fact that he emigrated to Canada more than 45 years ago. However he has lots of roots in a town called Rio Bueno Jamaica. So while we were there visiting this town I came across an old boarded-up building which I remember from my youth I shouldn't say youth because at that time I was only three or four years old. It was the house of my grandfather whom I had spent my very early preschool years with him.

The interesting thing about the house was it was on land which was several acres but at the corner of the land there was a little schoolyard where my father had donated about half an acre for them to have a preschool ages 3 to 5 years old. I was very intrigued so I went and I visited the school. I met the principal at that as well as the head teacher of whom there are only two on staff.

I introduced myself and said I was the son of Mr. Nepton West. Right away they were very respectful due to the fact that my father had donated the land for them to put the school on his property. The minute I looked around the school and saw the surroundings it began to tug on my heartstrings. I could see that they were in desperate need of supplies and resources. Immediately I agreed to sponsor them and to help out with some of the needs of the school.


This past weekend we went on a humanitarian trip back to the school with the supplies that we had previously promised. We brought a laptop, Preschool learning supplies and material. We made an agreement to provide top soil for the land as the little kids were constantly getting bruises and cuts as they had to play on rocks. They had a makeshift stove that they used to provide lunches for the kids. So we promised to replace that as well. My wife has been blessed had never seen anyone living in these type of conditions. Yet the children were so well behaved and extremely happy. The teachers were so thankful for our gifts. They commented that there was an excitement in the air from the children when they saw the new material and equipment that they would now be using.

We had an opportunity to film the children to take pictures with the children to see them in their classroom environment. It certainly ended up bringing tears to our eyes especially when we explained that I had lived about 25 to 30 yards away and was the same age as these children when I left Jamaica. It truly was heartwarming to know that you have been blessed so that you can now be a blessing and actually give back. It was truly unique as I could see how life had turned out and I was at the very beginning of my roots. The one lesson that I learned from this experience was that giving back wasn't necessarily for the receiver as it really is for the giver. We will forever be changed.

We are so thankful that we had this opportunity to make an impact on these children's lives

This is one of the company benefits that we have for our employees as they all are given two free days to spend time at a local charity to help give back in the communities where we serve. It is a principal that we will not stop doing any time soon.

I hope this article will inspire you or someone to help to fulfill a need somewhere in your community or in your country. It will truly help to change your mind or your heart and your complaints will cease when you realize and meet people who really do have needs.

Bethel insurance brokers loves to give back. Why, is just the right thing to do.

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