9 keys to use to protect your home from thieves!

| May 16, 2016

Finally the warm weather is approaching. I wasn't sure what I saw. I was sure I saw snowflakes on the weekend. It was confirmed by a colleague this morning that I wasn't mistaken, that indeed there were snow flurries on the weekend.

As an advocate for safety and to help our clients live safer and well protected lives, we want to relay information that will help anyone have a better summer by protecting your property and belongings. The police have indicated that break-ins are on the rise! Maybe its because the weather is little bit warmer so many people come out from hibernation. The good and the not so good. There are many ways to protect your home from thieves and vandals. I have a short list of just a few tips here focusing on actually when you are home or in your home.

1. Take photos or videos of your valuables of your inventory of your possessions It is so difficult to remember that keepsake that was on the nightstand. When you take pictures or have a video and you're trying to remember the items after break-in or theft for dealing with your insurance company. It is much easier when you can show someone the picture or the video of what was actually there. With the technology today in this is much easier to do that than in the past. The average quality cell phone the hold a video of your house or thousands of pictures.

2. Even if you're outside doing some yard work it is still important to keep all the doors of your home locked as this is an easy way and easy entrance for an intruder to enter into your home.

3. Many times when where home we let our guard down and we don't lock the doors of our homes. So keep your doors and Windows locked, even when your home and not just when you go to sleep at night .

4. In the late-night it's a good idea to keep your blinds and/or curtains closed at night so people cannot see inside. This is important as burglars would want to have a look at the quality of the furnishings and/or equipment that you have in the house when they are making a decision as to which house they want to target for breaking in. Now when they can't see what you have this can also work as a deterrent.

5. Does any of the equipment or appliances or electronics have serial numbers? Then record these numbers as it will make it much easier to identify should they ever be stolen.

Now there are few more precautions one has to take in protecting your home and that has a lot to do with the outside in your yard

6. Did you know that if you don't trim the trees and bushes that burglars can actually be concealed in them and can wait for you leave so that they know that the home is empty. So trim down the trees and bushes especially around the windows and the doors.

7. Keep the yard maintained give the house a lived in appearance. We know we have to keep the grass cut, and to rake the leaves and remove dead branches, debris garbage or paper .

8. Have you Purchased an expensive item such as a TV or stereo or computer system. What did you do with the container it came in? Was left it outside in plain sight for all to see and now the wrong eyes may see it and target your home.

9. install exterior lights to brighten dark areas around the doors and windows. Make sure there is adequate lighting around your vehicles if left on the driveway.

We know that nothing will be 100% foolproof but being proactive and vigilant and protecting your property will reduce your chance of loss. we have plenty of information on our website at http://www.bethelinsurance.ca or sometimes just easier to call at 905 683 2323.

Be safe!