5 things Spock would say about preventing water damage and dealing with Flooding

| April 06, 2015

Permission to speak freely Sir

It seems like spring has finally arrived and winter has finally released its firm grip on this season.

Spring has finally poked its nose out and took a sniff and realize that the weather is getting warmer.

This is the time that many homeowners are reminded of the rapidly melting snow when the possible dangers of flooding or water damage. It’s long been known that water damage is the number one cause of claims on a homeowner’s policy. Companies of taken drastic steps to try to mitigate the losses with the changing environment. So what do you do if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation where you have to make a claim on your home policy? When it comes time to file the claim is important to know how the water damage occurred. You want to prevent further destruction so it’s important to clean up the water immediately. Take pictures of the damage then soak up the water and try to dry the area.

It is also wise to employ one of the professionals that deal with disaster prevention and restoration services. As you know anyone who’s ever tried to clean black mold off a bathroom surface knows how important prevention can be. Mold is harmful and can ruin sinks walkways walls and carpets very quickly.

What about that we’ve all heard of the negative effects that mold will have on your health. The sealant around tubs and sinks should be checked frequently especially if it appears reddish or begins to crack, you should reapply new sealant.

Water damage cannot always be prevented however homeowners can take several steps to greatly reduce the likelihood of damage by following the suggestions in the previous paragraphs.

It is very difficult to prevent flooding in some areas. If you have a beautiful riverfront property or a great view by the lake sometimes you run a risk of severe flooding. We’ve even have recent flash floods in the Toronto area.

Flood insurance is not readily available in Ontario for homeowners. Aviva insurance Company of Canada being proactive is about to be one of the first major insurance companies to launch a flood insurance product.

Naturally after they do that many other carriers will follow suit, just to provide a healthy competition.

As a cutting-edge broker this product will be available to our existing book of clients at Bethel insurance brokers.

Live Long and Prosper!