Ajax Home Insurance

Accidents, severe weather and criminal acts are all a very real part of life. At some point in time, every home is exposed to some kind of damage or loss. It is not possible for anyone to predict just when these disasters are going to take place. However, it is possible to make sure that your financial stability is protected when the time comes.

Bethel Insurance Brokers of Ajax, Ontario is here to show you where to begin. Our experienced brokers can help you compare Home Insurance options to make absolutely certain that you walk away with the coverage that you need.

Click on the quote request button now to get a risk free quote from one of our brokers. One of these local brokers will help you compare coverage options, deductibles and limits so that you can get on with your life, enjoying your family and your home. Your broker will be there for you when you have questions about the right coverage to meet your specific needs, which includes liability insurance, personal property insurance and so much more.

Obtaining proper Homeowners Insurance in order to be protected against the risks that come with owning a home is one of the wisest investments that you can make. It is important to discuss your options with a qualified broker that understands this geographic regions and is willing to help you make sense of the many different coverage options that are available to you. That is exactly what you can expect to get with Bethel Insurance Brokers.

What Will Your Home Owners Insurance Policy Cover?

Basically, the intent of your policy is to provide you with coverage against the potential loss that can result from risks, such as severe storms, theft, personal liability and fire. In some instances, a homeowners specific risks will include exposure to earthquakes and flooding, which will have to be covered under separate insurance policies because these are not disasters that are typically included in a standard Home Insurance policy.

The liability coverage included in your policy will make certain that you have the protection that you need in case someone is injured while they are on the premises of your property. In addition, you will also be covered if you are held responsible for the damage that is caused to the property that belongs to someone else.

Your policy may even provide you with protection in certain situations against an injury that you cause away from your own property. Keep in mind that there is no coverage that will provide you with compensation for any acts of intentional damage or violence.

Some of the most common claims that your Ajax Homeowners Insurance liability coverage will protect you against include:

  • Your child accidentally throwing their baseball through the window of your neighbor's house
  • A visitor to your home is bitten by the family dog
  • Your child's friend comes over to play on the swing set or trampoline in the backyard and becomes injured
  • Someone comes to visit and slips on the ice-covered walkway from your driveway to the front door
  • You invite someone over for dinner and they end up in the hospital with food poisoning

If someone makes a liability claim against you, your policy will cover medical expenses, property repairs and even funeral costs. In addition, if the person making the claim decides to launch legal proceedings, Home Owners Insurance can help cover legal fees as well.

Bethel Insurance Brokers - Your Local Insurance Experts

When you are considering the amount of coverage that you need when it comes to liability insurance, your broker will help you determine what makes the most sense for you. Your broker is here to discuss your limits, deductibles and any other concerns that you may have regarding your policy.

We will take the time to fully understand the risks that you are facing and work with you to determine the best way to keep you protected under a number of different situations. In the event that disaster does strike, the price that you have to pay to recover can be enough to devastate the finances of your household. The right Homeowners Insurance policy will help to make such a tough situation more manageable so that you will be able to get your life back in order as quickly as possible.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you have the right coverage only to find yourself at a loss when faced with real disaster. Act now before it is too late to protect yourself, your home and your loved ones by clicking on the quote request button. In as little as one business day you will be able to see that the small price that you have to pay for your Home Owners Insurance premium is well worth the protection that you receive.